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Welcome to
Welcome to NordicBots. We are the biggest free bot provider on QuakeNet serving more than 20.000 users in more than 3.000 channels.

Requests can be made through the Web Request. However, before you request a bot please read our Rules carefully! If you need help while using our service please join #NordicBots.

If you are new to our bots, you might want to read our multi-language documentation.

Also, if you are not a community member yet, you should create an account so you can download various scripts, place comments etc.

Note: Please respect our staff, they work for free and they do it for you.

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Latest news
A little update.
Posted by Iceman_X at 2013-08-30 17:03:01

No this site is not dead.

We are still actively maintaining 211 requestable bots on QuakeNet (222 bots in total.) for your pleasure and support.

However due to active personal lives, and more focus on bug fixes, rather than new features or functions, this site has become very silent.

But fear not, we are still here.

For questions and/or help you can always join #nordicbots on QuakeNet and query our HELP database or ask an active staff member (People who are voiced '+v' are staff. People who are opped '+o' are active at the moment.)

If nobody answers, please be patient. As stated earlier, we have active personal lives, and are not always online or active. (kids/work/etc ..)
However we have many volunteers in the channel who are more than eager to help you out.

Thanks for choosing Nordicbots and we hope we can count on your support in the future!

- The Nordicbots Team

Website/Stats downtime
Posted by TheAvatar at 2012-09-25 22:37:02

We experienced about 3 hours of downtime on our website and channel stats earlier today from around 17:00 till 20:30 CEST due to a defective power supply in one of our servers.

The power supply has been replaced and everything should be back up running again.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

[ 1 comment ]
Trouble with stats updating
Posted by kayjay at 2011-06-08 02:57:53

Hi there all of you,

We've experienced some trouble with the stats not updating as they should today. Hopefully we've now managed to sort out the problem, and the stats should be updating again just fine!

~ The NordicBots team

Suggest a new botname
Posted by dusti at 2011-05-02 16:36:16

Hello everyone,

It's time to rename one of our bots and we need your help!

We would like you to suggest a nick you'd want to see as one of our bots. We'll then select 5 from the suggested ones and let you vote for your favourite, which will then become the new nick for our bot!

~ The NordicBots Team

UPDATE: Voting has started!

Since our own poll script wasn't an option, I threw it on my testforum
instead of an ad-powered site: link to the poll.

The bots have been updated!
Posted by soczol at 2011-04-01 00:00:00

Hey Everyone,

Today we have updated our service to the latest release which we have been quietly working on. Below is a list of the changes and new features. We hope you'll like them. We'll also tell you about features that are coming soon.

Note: We are aware that today is April 1st, we promise that all of this is real and is here to stay and that this isn't part of some April Fools joke.

If you need any help with the new features or find any bugs after the upgrade, feel free to contact a staff member in #NordicBots.


When we introduced triggers back in 2005 as simple feature to create custom commands/replies with our bots, mainly for clans looking to make commands like '!homepage' and '!members', we honestly could not have dreamed that they would become so popular.

In the years after that, triggers have slowly evolved from basic single-line replies, to multiline replies with arguments, commands, gameserver and weather information. In 2010, 5 years after the launch, we officially reached the magical limit of 100,000 triggers. This makes triggers by far the most used function in our entire service.

There's no turning around it: triggers are immensely popular and because of that we have decided to give that feature in particular a bit more love. We have rewritten most of the trigger system removing any old bugs that were there.

Below is a list of some of the changes:

  • Triggers no longer have to start with '?.!'
    You can now start your trigger with one of the following characters: '!?.@#$%^&*()_+=|'":;/,<>[]_'. So basically everything not a letter or number!

  • Triggers are no longer limited to 10 arguments
    You can now use an unlimited number of arguments. This issue would show up when using a commandtrigger like settopic, where the bot would only use the first 10 words in the topic.

  • Advanced users: You can now 'escape' the percent sign
    For example '%%20' will print '%20' instead of writing '%' followed by the 20th argument. This means you can link to URL's containing '%' without the bot messing with your URL.

Coming soon: Write your own scripts..

It wasn't all bugs that we fixed, on the contrary.. We have been working on some functionality that will basically allow you to write scripts for our bots in your favorite web programming language such as PHP/ASP/ASP.NET (or get someone to write one for you if you're not into that :D), which will be executed when a trigger is called. We think this will open huge possbilities to what you can do with our bots.

Unfortunately we are still in the process of testing this, writing examples and documentation so we can't show it to you just yet. We really hope to have it available for everyone within the next few weeks. More information will follow soon.

We might be looking for some beta testers for this by the way, so if you are interested in either testing this as a user or coder, please let us know!

Coming soon: Timed triggers

We're also working on finishing timed triggers. Timed triggers will basically make your bot repeat a certain trigger every few minutes. You could make your bot send a channel message, or execute a script (once we finish that), etc.

We also hope to finish that feature soon, but felt we should tell you that it's coming already since lots of you are not happy with using +timedquotes to work around that, which we can fully understand. We hear you and are working to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Fresh out of beta: Weather Forecasts

Some lucky channels already had access to them through the beta !weather command, or used weather triggers: Weather forecasts for virtually any location on earth.

We are happy to announce that the weather functionality is now open for all. Simply activate the +weather channel setting and write !weather followed by a location on earth:

<Example> !weather Amsterdam
<^Donkey> Current weather in Amsterdam (Netherlands): Cloudy, 11C (feels like 5C). Wind: WSW 37 km/h. Forecast for tonight: Cloudy with a passing shower. Min/max temp.: 10/15C
<^Donkey> Forecast for tomorrow: Cloudy with spotty showers. Min/max temp.: 11/17C

This service is powered by AccuWeather. We'd like to thank them for supporting our free service!

Hooray! URL titles and YouTube support are here!

Some of you have requested it through the recent request for new features, some of you through IRC. And next to 'seen' (which we hope to introduce in the future) this must have been the most requested feature. So, we are happy to tell you that they are finally here: URL titles.

The url title feature, when activated with the +urltitle channel setting, will tell you the title of URL's written to your channel. For example:

<Example> bla bla,, bla bla bla
<^Donkey> - "#NordicBots - A QuakeNet IRC Service - News"

In addition we have added support for YouTube. Simply activate +youtube and when you write a YouTube URL in your channel (or a link that redirects to a YouTube URL) you will get information about the video:

<^Donkey> - Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (03:33), 2.711.237 views, 10.690 likes, 976 dislikes (by RickAstleytvSME)

And finally.. +infobot

As anyone using our bots most likely has noticed a lot of commands depend on +infobot. Disabling one of those commands meant disabling +infobot. Until now!

We have decided to split up +infobot into various seperate channel settings, these settings are:
  • +google - Google web search using !google (this has been shortened by the way, so it should be less spammy..)
  • +image - Google image search using !image
  • +translate - Google translation using !translate

Note: The original +infobot now only toggles the availability of the 'chaninfo?' command.

We have chosen to enable all these settings for channels that already had +infobot set. Feel free to disable them again if you want to.


That's it for now.

I'd personally like to thank anyone that left their comments and suggestions on the Feature suggestions wanted newspost. We hope you'll like the changes we've made and appreciate any comments and suggestions.

Thanks for flying NordicBots!
~ The NordicBots Team


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